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January 2015
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A Nuclear Giant Stumbles

There has been a long history of state and rate payer handouts which have built the nuclear industry in the US. By one analysis, the total value of the nuclear subsidies is in excess of the wholesale value of the all the electricity which these reactors have produced. When states deregulated electricity production and distribution, the utilities requested and mostly received many billions in bail outs from rate payers or tax payers to pay for what were called its stranded assets. Nuclear subsides started much earlier than this with the Price Anderson act which requires mostly the state or rate payers to pay for insurance claims in the event of a serious nuclear accident.

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Limerick Plant Heading Over Catastrophic Nuclear Cliff

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Mercury
Instead of relicensing Limerick Nuclear Plant, the NRC should have revoked its licenses to slow Limerick’s speed as it drives toward a potentially catastrophic nuclear cliff. But from the start, NRC bent its own rules and regulations so it could license Limerick, enabling PECO/Exelon to profit from Limerick’s nuclear energy at the public’s expense.
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Statement of Nuclear Information and Resource Service

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Vote on Radioactive Waste from Nuclear Power:
No Need to Consider Local Environmental Threats of Mounting Radioactive Waste Stockpiles
When Licensing More Waste Production

Washington, DC – A fast-tracked vote by the four Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Commissioners will allow resumption of licensing and relicensing of nuclear power reactors which make long-lasting deadly radioactive waste, reaffirming their denial that nuclear waste threatens this and all future generations. Today’s bid is to satisfy a federal court order two years ago which struck down the “Waste Confidence Rule,” a key regulation that streamlined the licensing process for nuclear power reactors by establishing the NRC’s “confidence” that its regulations would keep the waste “safe” until that day when it would be removed. The rule has formed the underpinning for all nuclear licensing in the US, since this highly concentrated and deadly radioactive waste is generated solely by nuclear power.
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New Insight on the Nation’s Earthquake Hazards

The eastern U.S. has the potential for larger and more damaging earthquakes than considered in previous maps and assessments. As one example, scientists learned a lot following the magnitude 5.8 earthquake that struck Virginia in 2011. It was among the largest earthquakes to occur along the east coast in the last century, and helped determine that even larger events are possible. Estimates of earthquake hazards near Charleston, SC, have also gone up due to the assessment of earthquakes in the state.

Virginians the time is NOW to tell our Governor, Legislators and Dominion.” HELL NO to a third reactor at North Anna”!


*PUBLIC MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT Title: Notice of Forthcoming Meeting To Discuss Open Items And Emerging Issues For Combined License Application For Dominion’s North Anna Nuclear Plant, Unit 3 July 24, 2014, 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM
MEMORANDUM AND ORDER Thirteen environmental organizations (collectively, Petitioners) separately filed in the
captioned proceedings a joint petition to suspend reactor licensing decisions pending the resolution of their February 18, 2014 petition for rulemaking.1 For the reasons set forth below,
we deny the suspension petitions and provide direction on other related requests.


Nuclear Matters Failing to Disclose Exelon as Primary Funder; C2ES Misleads by Not Mentioning Heavy Utility Industry Funding in 4/28 Nat’l Press Club Briefing Announcement

WASHINGTON, D.C. – April 28, 2014 – Two organizations that inexplicably are getting a pass from most news media outlets in the United States – Nuclear Matters and the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES) – are, in fact, de facto nuclear industry front groups that have failed entirely to be transparent about their financing, according to the independent watchdog group the Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS).
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VideoClips from a Lifetime of Activism – Messages from Dr. Judith Johnsrud

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TAURO: Close Oyster Creek – now

Considering the massive, hours-long traffic jam that recently trapped motorists along the barrier island’s excavated Route 35 after the Polar Bear Plunge, isn’t it time officials stopped pretending the Oyster Creek evacuation plan could work?
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YOU are needed To stop new nuclear power licensing, extensions on old reactor

WHO: YOU and your friends and allies are needed and invited…

WHAT: To stop new nuclear power licensing, extensions on old reactor licenses and creation of more nuclear waste

HOW: Please come the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) hearing in Rockville Maryland on Thursday Nov 14th from between 2 & 5 PM (open house 1-2 PM)
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Screenings of HOT WATER

You’ve invited to join us this month for our upcoming screenings of HOT WATER, a new film that shares a haunting, unprecedented look at the uranium mining industry in our country. Read more »